Three Towns Growers

About the Organisation

The charitable purposes of the Three Towns Growers are as follows:
• the advancement of community development through provision of and participation in a community garden space in a sustainable and inclusive manner leading to a more active and healthier community
• the advancement of education of the public in horticulture, health and sustainable development through good environmental practices by encouraging and teaching a range of outdoor skills and pursuits and living more sustainably
• the advancement of environmental improvement through the growing of food locally, leading to a reduction in carbon footprint, increased biodiversity, increased resilience, and reduced waste by promoting the benefits of, and demonstrating a range of, good environmental and horticultural practices such as organic growing, composting, and through reducing, re-using and recycling of resources

List of Volunteering Opportunities and Description

Opportunities may include:

• support, preparation and participation in a range of events and activities to promote/achieve the charitable purposes as outlined above
• assist with particular builds, projects or activities particularly within the Community Gardens and broader park area in which the Elm Park Community Gardens and Allotments are situated
• support the provision of targeted opportunities for learning, empowerment and inclusion
• assist with gardening including planting, maintenance and harvesting

Contact Details


Note: Please quote ‘TACT Get Me Connected’ when contacting the organisation.